What is <Shrnk/>?

Shrnk is yet another URL shortening service, the "Hello World" of PHP web services. As with all such services it takes a long URL and makes it shorter. What Shrnk does that is slightly different (at the moment) from other redirectors is to try to make the generated URLs non-predictable and optionally non-permanent.

Why is <Shrnk/>?

Shrnk exists because we thought it would be jolly handy to have a URL shortener that couldn't be (easily) browsed for interesting URLs. So we wrote shrnk to use non-sequential not so easily guessable short URLs. This does mean that the links generated aren't as short as they could be, but they are still short enough to be used in a standard terminal window or to send by SMS or IM or anything else. While doing this we thought it would also be kind of nice to have the option to make our URLs expire or go away so we added that as well.

Mainly though we wrote shrnk because we could. The increased privacy is a happy side effect.