1. Are these questions really frequently asked?
    No, but they could be.
  2. Aren't there enough URL shortening sites around already?
    More than, they are surprisingly easy to write and seem to be almost the web equivalent of "Hello World" but we thought we'd write another one anyway, which takes a slightly different approach and is therefore utterly justified.
  3. Will my URLs be saved for ever?
    Probably not. We're not going to delete non-expiring URLs, unless they're reported as SPAM or other abuse. On the other hand we don't exactly have a rigerous backup policy and if the server dies or the database corrupts then we'd not expect the URLs to be recovered. There are also probably loads of other circumstances that would cause URLs to be lost, but as long as nothing much happens then URLs should hang around indefinately.
  4. Can other people access my shortened URLs?
    Yes, if they can guess what the URL is, however as the created URLS are non-sequential this is going to be trickier than with many other redirectors.
  5. I forgot the URL/password to delete a link, can you do it for me?
    No, we have no way of knowing you created it and to be honest we don't actually care that much.
  6. What do you log?
    We log as little as possible, just normal apache logs that we use for webstats. Mainly this is on the grounds of if we don't have logs we can't be asked for them.
  7. What are QR codes?
    QR code "QR codes" are rather clever 2 dimensional bar codes that can be read by mobile phones ( with suitable software ), so that instead of typing in a URL you point a phone camera at the code and it opens the URL automatically. Due to the data limit on QR codes the URLs often have to be shrunk so to save cutting and pasting you can now generate a QR code direct from Shrnk. There are alternative codes but QR codes seem widely used and look nice.
    QR code links: Quick Mark QRCode.com
  8. What are all those other icons below the short link?
    Those are links for submitting the URL you just shrank to the various "Social bookmarking" sites. We found that we often wanted to do more than just shrink a URL, so rather than have to navigate back to the initial page, we thought we'd just add the relevant submission links direct to the short url page.
  9. There's this really cool feature I'd like, will you add it?
    Maybe if we like the idea of it, and have time and it's not too much work. Ask, you never know.
  10. This is fantastic can I buy you a beer?